2 Meter Repeaters

The NEMARC - N3OZT repeater, located in Jarrettsville, MD is on the air! This repeater is under development, so its usage is currently very light. You’ll find the N3OZT repeater on 145.270 (-600 offset, 114.8 PL).

146.595 FM simplex is still our most used 2 meter frequency. QSOs there are more often the result of planned (organized on our Discord chat group, etc.), instead of serving as our daily, Harford County intercom frequency, as it once did, but several of us still monitor there regularly and it is still the best place to find us on 2 meters!

To give you more insight into the coverage area of the N3OZT NEMARC repeater and the constraints to manage, here is a coverage area map of our repeater, and the other area repeaters on the same frequency.

Of course, the folks on these other repeaters don't want to hear our repeater any more than we want to hear theirs, so our power output and the antenna directivity of our repeater must be carefully managed. Bryan, N3OZT and Bob, N3UR have worked really hard, carefully calculating power output, feed line loss, antenna performance and many other factors, to maximize the coverage area of our machine, without interfering with our repeater neighbors.

This map shows why the coverage of our machine must be carefully managed, so as not to interfere with other repeaters.

Here are some repeaters that are easy to work from Harford County. All these repeaters are easy to bring up from my home QTH near Bel Air using my Diamond X510 MA antenna with its base at 25 feet. Almost all are full scale:

145.270HarfordNEMARC Jarrettsville114.8
146.480HarfordEmComm BackupSimplex
146.520AllNational SimplexSimplex
146.595HarfordNEMARC Area WideSimplex
146.760Anne ArundelJessup107.2
146.805Anne ArundelMillersville107.2
146.835Prince GeorgesGreenbeltNone
146.850CecilPort Deposit107.2
146.895Carroll ManchesterNone
146.940Queen Annes Centerville107.2
147.000MontgomeryAshton (minus offset)156.7
147.105Anne ArundelDavidsonville107.2
147.120HarfordBel Air114.8

* PL Listed, but not required on last check.

Many additional repeaters are listed here.

And other Maryland repeaters are on the TMARC site here.