Please Join Our E-mail Reflector!

The NEMARC e-mail reflector is a great way to communicate and share our hobby with other area hams. All amateur radio operators in the Harford County and surrounding areas are welcome, invited and encouraged to subscribe. While we can't always all be on the air at the same time, we can still reach the entire group efficiently using the e-mail reflector.

Just like the 2 meter net, we value hearing about each person's particular interests. General discussion of any and all Amateur Radio and related topics is encouraged. In addition, as long as commercial power is available the reflector can be an effective tool to keep everyone apprised during an emergency situation.

Please subscribe to the e-mail reflector now by clicking here.

Another alternative is to simply send a subscribe e-mail from your regular e-mail address to this address:

If you ever want to unsubscribe, use this address:

After you have subscribed you can send a message to the group simply by addressing an e-mail to

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