Upcoming Contests!

One more Q!

There are many great contests throughout the year! This list is a tiny subset, but these are some of the more significant upcoming contests that our membership gravitates towards participating in. Definitely plan on operating the bold, first tier contests as part of our Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society team! The bold italic are the best of the best!

DateContestModeClub Competition EligibleRanking*
Jan 2, 2021ARRL RTTY RoundupRTTYYes!First Tier
Jan 9, 2021North American QSO PartyCW5 SO stations maxSecond Tier*
Jan 16, 2021North American QSO PartySSB5 SO stations maxSecond Tier*
Jan 16, 2021ARRL January VHFMultipleYes!Second Tier
Jan 29, 2021CQ WW 160-Meter ContestCWYes!Second Tier
Jan 30, 2021Winter Field DayMultipleFirst Tier
Feb 8, 2021School Club RUMultipleThird Tier
Feb 13, 2021CQ WW RTTY WPX ContestRTTYYes!First Tier
Feb 20, 2021ARRL DX ContestCWYes!First Tier!
Feb 26, 2021CQ WW 160-Meter ContestSSBYes!Second Tier
Feb 27, 2021North American QSO PartyRTTY5 SO stations maxSecond Tier
Mar 6, 2021ARRL DX ContestSSBYes!First Tier!
Mar 27, 2021CQ WW WPX ContestSSBYes!First Tier
May 29, 2021CQ WW WPX ContestCWYes!First Tier
Jun 12, 2021ARRL June VHFMultipleYes!Second Tier
Jun 26, 2021ARRL Field DayMultipleFirst Tier
Jul 10, 2021IARU HF World ChampionshipMultipleSecond Tier*
Jul 17, 2021North American QSO PartyRTTY5 SO stations maxSecond Tier
Jul 17, 2021CQ WW VHFMultipleYes!Second Tier
Aug 7, 2021North American QSO PartyCW5 SO stations maxSecond Tier*
Aug 14, 2021Maryland QSO PartyMultipleThird Tier
Aug 14, 2021Worked All EuropeCWThird Tier
Aug 21, 2021North American QSO PartySSB5 SO stations maxSecond Tier*
Aug 28, 2021World Wide Digi DX ContestFT 4/8 Third Tier
Sep 11, 2021Worked All EuropeSSBThird Tier
Sep 11, 2021ARRL September VHFMultipleYes!Second Tier
Sep 25, 2021CQ Worldwide DX ContestRTTYYes!First Tier
Oct 9, 2021PA QSO PartyMultipleThird Tier
Oct 18, 2021School Club RUMultipleThird Tier
Oct 30, 2021CQ Worldwide DX ContestSSBYes!First Tier!
Nov 6, 2021ARRL Sweepstakes ContestCWYes!First Tier
Nov 13, 2021Worked All EuropeRTTYThird Tier
Nov 20, 2021ARRL Sweepstakes ContestSSBYes!First Tier
Nov 27, 2021CQ Worldwide DX ContestCWYes!First Tier!
Dec 3, 2021ARRL 160-Meter ContestCWYes!Second Tier
Dec 11, 2021ARRL 10-Meter ContestMultipleYes!First Tier
Dec 18, 2021Stew PerryCWThird Tier

First Tier Contests - Definitely Plan on These!

The contests in the first tier are all BIG and with the exception of the two Field Day events, contest club eligible. CQ World Wide DX, ARRL DX, CQ WPX and ARRL Field Day are the biggest of them all. It would be great to see our Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society put in a good, solid showing in all of the Tier 1 contests!

Second Tier Contests - These are Good Too!

These are also good contests that are all club contest eligible. The Second Tier* are particularly close to First Tier. The North American QSO Party (NAQP) contests are particularly good because all categories are limited to 100 watts and you can run multi-two with friends at one location if you like. We almost put the NAQP contests in the first tier, but we didn't want to make the first tier list too long. We will compete as a club in these contests on case by case basis too if there is enough interest.

The IARU HF World Championship could also easily be in the First Tier category. Falling in summer, it doesn't have quite the participation as the biggest tests, but it is close and could go either way.

These contests are in the second tier, either because they are on 160M only, VHF only or don't quite have the same level of participation as the first tier.

Third Tier Contests - More Fun!

These aren't club contest eligible, but you'll likely want to participate if you can! Maryland and PA QSO party contests are bold because club competition or not, we sure don't want to miss those!