NEMARC Club Activities!

In addition to participating together virtually in the many contests throughout the year, please join us in these other NEMARC activities, too!

First Friday Breakfast. We meet at the Double T Diner in Bel Air at 8:30 AM for breakfast on the first Friday of each month.

10 Meter Net weekly, Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM on 28.446.

80 Meter Net monthly, second Sunday afternoon on 3.813 (5:00 PM Winter: October thru March, 8:00 PM Summer: April thru September).

2 Meter Repeater Net Weekly at 4:00 pm. 145.270 Repeater, -600 offset, PL 114.8.

Elmer's Fireside Chat monthly, first Monday at 7:00 PM. New guys and experienced hams sit around the Zoom fireplace and answer any questions that come along!

CW Practice weekly, Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM. Geared to those new to CW, no rig required. Just meet us on Zoom to learn the code!

NEMARC Swap Net monthly, last Sunday afternoon, 5:00 PM on Zoom.

For more details, please visit our monthly calendar here (you may have to sign in to