NEMARC Club Activities!

In addition to participating together virtually in the many contests throughout the year, please join us in these other NEMARC activities, too!

First Friday Breakfast. We meet at the Bob Evans in Bel Air at 8:30 AM for breakfast on the first Friday of each month.

10, 6 & 2 Meter Nets weekly, October through April (on non contest weekends), Saturday mornings at 8:30 AM, alternating on 28.446 (SSB), 50.146 (SSB) & 146.595 (FM simplex). All nets are on frequencies where Technicians have privileges, so all license classes can join in! Nets rotate from one band to the next each week. Check your e-mail and Discord for the next net's frequency. During the spring / summer months of May through September, there is not a dedicated net control operator and nets may only occur randomly.

For more details, please visit our monthly calendar here (you may have to sign in to