License Exams!

Join the Amateur Radio community or upgrade your license class! NEMARC provides Amateur Radio VE testing examinations in Harford County! Upcoming dates are as follows:

2020 Dates

Feb 22, 2020

April 25, 2020

June 20, 2020

Aug 22, 2020

Oct 31, 2020

Dec 19, 2020


You are welcome to arrive as early as 9:45 AM

Testing starts at 10:00 am

Completion time by 12:30 pm

Inclement Weather

Should inclement weather be forecast or occurring for a testing date, please check this web page or with the testing team leads before heading to the testing site. We will attempt to notify anyone that has pre-registered, but since we allow Walk-ins, we would encourage everyone to check before coming out in bad weather conditions that may be occurring in our area.


Testing will be held at the Jarrettsville-Manor VFW hall in Forest Hill.

Jarrettsville Manor Memorial Post No. 8672, VFW
1714 Morse Rd. Forest Hill, MD 21050

Please note that because the post name is Jarrettsville-Manor, some people have put Jarrettsville into their GPS and they are not able to find us. Please be sure to enter Forest Hill!

Also, please be aware that you can't use East-West Rd (MD 23) to reach Morse Rd. It is an overpass, not an intersection. Please use either W. Jarrettsville Rd. or Baldwin Mill Rd. (MD 165) to reach Morse Rd.

Pre-Registration Information

Pre-Registration Preferred - Walk-Ins Accepted

Please be sure to bring:

- Photo ID required

- Original and copy of any exam element credit (CSCE) required

- Social Security Number or FCC Registration Number (FRN) required

FRN Note:

If you have had any contact with the FCC in the past few years, they may have already issued you a FRN. The FRN is printed on newer amateur licenses.

If you've already been issued an FRN but can't find it, you can search on your name and address to look it up here, or by your call sign here.

If you don't currently have an FRN, please apply for an FRN now. It is quick and painless. Go to and click the Register button. It will lead you through the steps.

This page can also be used to see if you already have an FRN. You can also call the FCC FRN Help Line: 877-480-3201 (Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. ET). If you don't have an FRN, we will have to use your Social Security Number and we really prefer not to have to do that.

Contact Information:

Preregistration isn't required, but we sure appreciate having an idea of how many folks to prepare for. If you think you will be attending the next session, please e-mail us now!

Doug Wittich N3VEJ 443-794-0735 Email:

Study Program!

And if you need a program to help you study, this one, created by N3FJP has all the question pools, is free, easy and fun to use!