Hang Out With Us In Our Virtual Clubhouse!

Our NEMARC virtual clubhouse Internet text chat room is lots of fun, really valuable for discussing antennas and equipment, sharing good DX we find each day and needed multipliers during contests too! If you are a ham in the northeast Maryland area, you are welcome to join! We answer questions, share knowledge, root each other on, just hang out and have a great time together! Some of our members even sign in from work each day!

If you aren't familiar with the free Discord app and how we use it, here is a short video that covers the basics:

If you've never signed in before, first e-mail me direct here and I will send you the invitation link, which you only need once to get set up:

Once you've signed in once from the invitation link that I send you, you'll then use this URL to return to the site from now on, so go ahead and bookmark this link now (just click on the NEMARC logo when you get there):


Frequently Asked Questions:

There have been some common questions from many in our group, so I'm summarizing those as FAQs here:

1. How do I send a message?

- Type your text in the text box under the green arrow in Image 1. Then press the enter key.

2. How do I change and customize my settings such as audio alerts, appearance, etc.?

- To access your personalized settings, click the gear button under the red arrow in Image 1. Specific details follow in the additional FAQs below.

Image 1

3. How can I keep from missing messages when the chat room is minimized or underneath other Windows on my desktop? (Reference Image 2)

- After clicking on the gear button (under the red arrow in Image 1 above), the User Settings form will display (blue arrow pointing to title in Image 2).

- Click on Notifications in the list below the User Settings title at the left.

- Under Desktop Notification, select For Activity of Any Kind (red arrow).

- I also recommend under Text-To-Speech selecting For All Channels (green arrow). That way, you don't even have to be in front of the PC to keep up. Your PC will actually read the typed message text to you! It's cool!

Image 2

4. How can I display more of the dialogue in a condensed space? (Reference Image 3)

- Click Gear Button > Appearance and then select Compact (green arrow). In Compact mode, you won't see the graphical IDs like Eric's really cool KB3KNX icon (image 1 at top), but you can display a lot more text in a smaller space. To see the graphics and spread out the text, click Cozy (red arrow), which is the default.

Image 3

5. How can I change my ID to my name and call sign?

- Click Gear Button > Account, type your name and call sign (capital letters for call sign preferred) as displayed by the red arrow in Image 4. Then reenter your password (by the green arrow) and click Done at the lower right (not shown).

Image 4

6. I didn't actually sign up at Discord. Should I claim my free account?

- Yes, I went ahead and created a free account before I started, but I understand that it may be necessary to claim your account to properly save your settings.

Apps and @everyone

Here's more good suff! Discord has apps for your PC and phone that work well! You can download them here:


Now, here is the really cool part. You can set your phone to only beep if someone types @everyone at the beginning of the line. So if you have your phone with you and something important is happening, even if you are away from your PC, watching TV or outside, you will still know about it!

For example, Gary might type:

@everyone North Korea just came on 21.446 SSB!!!


@everyone 10 Meters is really wide open right now!

You get the idea.

Anyway, give both the PC and phone apps a try!

For those of you who haven't yet checked out our new NEMARC Clubhouse chat room, please join us!