One more Q!

In our quest to allocate our Amateur Radio resources wisely, increase our contest scores, DX totals and achieve the highest QSO rates per dollar invested, we've created this resources page! This is just a small list of the most commonly used items by NEMARC folks with good results.

We aren't looking to create an exhaustive list, but if you are particularly pleased with a product or service quality and price point (and it is something that is commonly used by NEMARC members), please let us know to add it to the list!


KPA1500 1,500 watt solid state amp (requires 220 VAC).

KPA500 500 watt small, solid state amp that will run fine on 110 VAC.


EFHW - 8010 Multiband Wire Antenna Neighborhood friendly, no tuner needed that works.

Hex Beam (K4KIO) Light, 25 lb. neighborhood friendly beam (paint spreaders brown). Can use inexpensive TV rotor and light mast.

Tennadyne Log Periodic Dipole Arrays Beams without traps to fail.

VHF / UHF Antennas from Directive Systems & Engineering

Antennna Analyzers

NanoVNA Small screen, but only $55 in 2020. (YouTube Review) (Absolute Beginner Guide)

RigExpert (YouTube Review)

Antenna Launchers

EZ Hang Easily reach really high branches with the EZ Hang.

Notch Bigshot Set This is what professional tree folks use and can reach 100 feet up!

WT8WV Colossus Air Cannon Antenna Launcher Our own WT8WV details construction of a powerful antenna launcher.


You will never regret purchasing the lowest loss coax you can. The is a multi decade investment, so buy the good stuff!

DX Engineering - LMR 400 Assemblies

DX Engineering - RG 213 Assemblies

Shireen Quailty discount cable sold by the roll.

Coax loss table.

Coax loss calculator.


Dipole Center Connector (Wireman)

Dipole Center Connector Solderless DELTA-C for Fan Dipoles (Alpha Delta)

PL 259s (Amphenol) for RG8 / LMR 400 (Wireman)

PL 259s (Plastic) for RG8 / LMR 400 (Wireman)

PL259 male clamp Plug connector for LMR400 RG8 RG213 RG214 cable No shield soldering, no special tools!

Connectors - Crimp On & Kits

DX Engineering Next Generation Crimp/Solder 8U PL-259 Connectors

DX Engineering Coaxial Cable Prep Tools for Crimp Connectors

DX Engineering Ultra-Grip 2 Crimp Connector Hand Tools and Tool Kits

Control Cable

Light 4 Conductor CW4

Light 8 Conductor CW8

Heavy 8 Conductor CW8-HD

Sprinkler Cable This 9 wire, solid, 18 gauge is quailty cable, more economical and delivered the day after ordering.

Dacron Rope

Dacron Rope

Large screws to secure guylines (instead of stakes)

Exterior Wall Pull Through Conduit Access Fixture

Convenient fixture to bring coax, ground wire, switch box and rotor cables from outdoors through exterior walls.


Light, plastic, inexpensive insulators that work fine. (Wireman)

Ceramic insulators (Wireman)

NEMARC Badges and Name Tags

Name Tags Awesome looking NEMARC name tags. All the cool kids wear them to our NEMARC breakfasts, hamfests, etc.!


Yaesu G-450ADC Medium-Duty Rotator Suitable for light beams such as Hex beams.

RF Safety Calculators

ARRL RF Safety Calculator Returns minimum safe distances based on parameters.

ARRL RF Exposure Calculation Resources All the information you need to evaluate your station.

Amateur Radio RF Exposure Calculator Returns yes or no based on parameters.

RF Exposure Calculator Returns minimum safe distance.

Switch Box

RCS-10 8 Port Remote Switch Box Convenient and pays for itself in reduction of coax runs.

DX Engineering RR8B-HP Remote Antenna Switch Can be controlled with RCS-10 controller or automated with EA4TX 1X8 controller.


40 Foot Freestanding tower (68 Lbs), Mast, Hinged Base, Rotor Plate One example of a light, free standing 40 foot tower.

Vertical Ground Base Radial Plate

Vertical Ground Base Radial Plate

Video Adapter for Rig Display on PC

For supported Icoms (including 7610) and similar rigs, use this adatpter and this cable.

Web Cam & Extender Cable

Web Cam

USB 3.0 Extension Cable 15 ft


Home Depot (free delivery) 14 Gauge Stranded Black Antenna / Ground Radial Wire

Wireman 546, 14 Gauge Stranded Black Antenna / Ground Radial Wire, 149 lb breaking strength

Wireman 531, 14 Gauge Stranded Black Antenna / Ground Radial Wire, 400 lb breaking strength