The NEMARC Rettysnitch Tournament!

Worked All NEMARC

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Leaderboard 9/28/2021

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The NEMARC Rettysnitch Tournament, AKA Worked All NEMARC (WAN) is a simple side contest to coincide with regular contests to help introduce NEMARC members to contesting and to add another layer of fun to contesting.

How it works:

• Work as many NEMARC members during a specific contest as you can on as many band / mode combinations as rules allow!

• Modes: Within contest rules, up to 3 mode categories per band are allowed: PH (SSB, FM, AM, etc.), CW and Digital (any digital mode).

• Bands: Any band allowed in the contest rules including HF, VHF, UHF etc.

• At the end of the contest – report which NEMARC members you worked – by call sign, mode and band- to Tom (KE3GK) the “score keeper”. Must send list by noon Monday following contest.

• To be eligible, you and the NEMARC member you work must BOTH have your contest software uploaders enabled. Only calls displayed on the uploader here are eligible.

• An award certificate will be given to the NEMARC winner for each contest. The highest number of NEMARC contacts will be declared that contest's NEMARC winner.

• At the end of the year someone will be declared “Worked All NEMARC Champion” and receive some kind of award (TBD).


• Score will be kept on NEMARC yearly QSO log – 1 point per contact.

• Score will accumulate throughout the year. IE; Tom works 6 members during contest #1, then contest #2 he works 3 more members (these members can be the same as worked in previous contest) he now has a total ‘WAN' score of 9 for the year.


• The rules of the contest will dictate the 'rules of engagement for NEMARC contacts'. In other words, if the contest only allows 1 contact per call, no matter the band or mode, such as November Sweepstakes, we will follow that rule. On the other hand, if the contest allows multiple contacts, multiple bands, multiple modes per call, such as Field Day, we will follow that rule. (IE; if it is a six band, single mode contest, you can work the same NEMARC station up to six times for six points)

• Spotting allowed – Discord allowed.

• Open to all members but you must be on the live score uploader to participate – even if you make just 1 contact.

• You will need the contest software loaded on a PC, if you need help in setting this up – ask!

• Certificates will be emailed or sent via Discord to each contest winner.

• 2021 NRT began with CW 160 and WINTER FIELD DAY on January 30, 2021. Beginning January 1, 2022, NRT will run January 1 through December 31.

• TIEBREAKER RULE. If there are 2 or more people with the same amount of WAN contacts, a tiebreaker rule goes into effect. The 'tiebreaker' will determine who has the most *individual* call contacts. IE; Scott has KE3GK on 20, KE3GK on 20 and 40, and WC3N on 80 (for a total of 2 individual contacts). While Don has KE3GK on 20, WC3N on 40, N3EEN on 20 and KE3GK on 80 (for a total of 3 individual contacts), Don NT3U would be declared the winner of that contest. Your total contacts would still count towards the yearly WAN.

• Don’t forget to report your NEMARC contacts by noon on the Monday after the contest!

Any questions direct them to the Top Secret Double Under Secretary of Club Activities.